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Vastu Consultation

Vastu Consultation

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Embark on a Journey of Transformation Don't wait to experience the power of Vastu. Book our consultation service today and take the first step towards a more harmonious, prosperous, and joyful life. Your ideal space awaits!

Consultation Process

1. Engage in a detailed discussion about your needs and submit the following:

Video Tour: Provide a comprehensive video of your property, including exterior and interior, ceilings, roof, and water tanks. Highlight any issues like seepage or leakage.

Personal Details: Share problems you're facing, and details about any stones you're currently wearing.

Property Layout: Submit a map showing the layout of your property and furniture arrangement.

2. Detailed Analysis and Solutions:

Color and Painting Suggestions: Optimize the colors in your home for harmony.

Entrance Analysis: Assess whether the entrance is allowing prosperity or if it's creating blockages.

Balancing of Five Elements: Check for elemental balance.

T-Hit Assessment: Examine and address T-hit issues. (if required)

Water Tank and Boring Inspection: Check for optimal placement and functionality.

Staircase Treatments: Tailored staircase solutions. (if required)

Ideal Sleeping Areas: Identify the best locations for rest.

Slope Evaluation: Assessing the incline or decline of land to determine its suitability for various purposes.

Marma Point Identification: Locate Marma points in your space. (if required)

Astrological Insights: Analysis of Mahadasha, AD, PD.

Donations: Recommendations for donations. (if required)

3. Advanced Elemental Balancing and Remedial Strategies:

Elemental Balancing with Pendulum: Utilizing pendulum techniques for elemental balance.

2D Remedies: Implementing 2D remedies.

3D Remedies: Implementing 3D remedies.

Astro-Vastu Remedies: Remedies tailored to individual astrological charts.

Devta Activation: Conducting necessary devta activations. (if required)

Gemstone Recommendations: Personalized suggestions for beneficial gemstones.

Lifetime Avoidance Zones: Identifying key areas to avoid for sustained well-being.

4. Follow-Up:

45-Day Review: Evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions and make necessary adjustments. (if required)

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